2nd place

4101 points


Challenge Category Value Time
Mitch PWN50
Big Bird's Blog WEB100
Back2Baseics CRYPTO25
Ave, Roma! CRYPTO25
Look Closely 1 MISC50
Look Closely 3 MISC50
Look Closely 2 MISC50
Grandma's Newspaper CRYPTO100
Mmmm WEB100
Evil genie REV100
Bad seed PWN100
Deck of Cards REV100
bad_crypto_is_bad REV100
Cookie PWN100
Stay Focused MISC50
Flow PWN200
Robot Elmo WEB200
Look Closely 4 MISC50
Regular Elmo WEB300
Math Homework PWN200
b0ws3tte MISC200
birdy PWN250
┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) REV300
Certificate of Achievement MISC100
Patience PWN100
Cookie 2 WEB300
library PWN300
Evildragon PWN301
Cryptosystem CRYPTO200