1st place

4251 points


Challenge Category Value Time
Back2Baseics CRYPTO25
Grandma's Newspaper CRYPTO100
Ave, Roma! CRYPTO25
Cryptosystem CRYPTO200
Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark CRYPTO300
Big Bird's Blog WEB100
Mmmm WEB100
Robot Elmo WEB200
Regular Elmo WEB300
Cookie 2 WEB300
Mitch PWN50
Look Closely 1 MISC50
Cookie PWN100
Patience PWN100
Math Homework PWN200
Flow PWN200
birdy PWN250
library PWN300
Evildragon PWN301
Evil genie REV100
Deck of Cards REV100
bad_crypto_is_bad REV100
┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) REV300
Certificate of Achievement MISC100
Stay Focused MISC50
Bad seed PWN100
b0ws3tte MISC200